Steve-O Irrigates The Red Carpet

At last night's premiere at the Chinese Theater, Jackass Number Two star Steve-O, subtle master of physical comedy, sensed that having a baby alligator chew his scrotum or allowing one of his co-stars to attack his genitals with a jackhammer would be too showy a display of the playful irreverence that is the troupe's trademark, even on such a special occasion. Instead, he opted for the simple, elegant act of urinating on the red carpet, much to the delight of the throng of fans, wire service photographers, and tourists transfixed by every drop of his golden stream.

Gawker notes that the photos were too hot for Reuters, but the folks at Getty Images seem a little less prudish about Steve-O's performance art. A completely NSFW version of the photo is after the jump. You've been warned.

Steve-O Irrigates The Red Carpet


[Photo: Getty Images]