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• Behold the glory of over 1.5 pounds of marijuana and 3+ ounces of shrooms, courtesy of Willie Nelson, America's beloved, fucked-up grandpa. [Blooming Ideas]
Desperate Housewives creator puts a ban on cast pregnancies, threatening mandatory hysterectomies for anyone suspected of procreating. [Us Weekly]
• Lloyd Grove thinks Cindy Crawford's five-year-old daughter is smoking. [Lowdown]
• Remarkably, Nicole Richie lives to see the age of 25. [TMZ]
• Leonardo DiCaprio's looking to buy his brmother a condo larger than 1,400-square feet. Growing up in someone's shadow has its perks. [Page Six]
• Spencer Tracy and Katherin Hepburn swung both ways, and this concludes your 1943 gossip roundup. [R&M]