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After Newsweek named Marissa Mayer one of its "20 Powerful Women," her hometown paper (the Wausau Daily Herald) ran a this-is-your-life profile of the Google VP. The message is obvious: Marissa is a robot.

"You could see she was focused. It seemed to me that everything she did, she did systematically. Even the way her dance bag was packed," her ballet teacher told the Herald.

But, as we've asked before, what kind of robot is she?

She told the paper, "I don't think there was a plan." So she's not a Cylon.

"She wanted to smash," says her debate coach. So she's not an Asimov robot.

"She was extremely capable and self-motivated," said the coach. "I really didn't need to teach her anything." So, not an Aibo.

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