Sure, it's not us reporting, you deciding, or any variation thereof, but it's a beginning. One of our favorite kinds of emails — and it's a species we see with startling regularity — is an indignant j'accuse that reads, "Why haven't you posted yet about X?" Or, "I can't believe you haven't covered Y yet!" Or, "Would you please write something about Z? I can't stand Z and want to see it made fun of, real hard like." Usually, these objects of reader desire are either (a) subjects we have, in fact, already posted about, or (b) would never post about, because they fall outside our sphere of interest, or (c) are retarded. Still, we think there may be a way to productively channel this sort of enthusiasm.

We've said many times that reader tips make up a significant portion of our editorial direction. And we're always thankful for reader input, however irrelevant, odious, or indecipherable. We get a lot of valuable tips over the email transom, and we want to make sure that tradition continues. And despite (a) and (b) and even (c) above, we do occasionally find ourselves moved to cover something we otherwise might not, simply because readers express a particular interest.

To make that process a little easier, and even a little participatory, we'll open up weekly posts like this one to document glaring omissions in last week's buffet of Gawker coverage, and with the intent of making up for it in coming days. You can still send ideas to of course, but consider the comments below grounds for bringing subjects to our attention that deserve more attention. If someone proposes an idea you like, say so; if the idea sucks, definitely say so. Try to stay focused and avoid general bitchery, but feel free to sound off in the comments about stories or ideas you'd like to see in these august pages. Or just give us names of people you want us to insult, either way.