Valleywag intern Beth Gottfried is here to wrap up the best things you had to say this week.

Georgevalidates that men are oftentimes clueless to the ways of feminine hygiene. Re: Google Exec Marissa Mayer's Newsweek spread:

Why is she wearing so much makeup? She's naturally pretty, she's doesn't need to have some prissy hairstyle and three layers of makeup.

David Quiec comments on Weird Al's new "White and Nerdy" video:

Is it me, or is Weird Al skinnier?

ResearchZilla reacts to the news that Auren Hoffman used his guest gig for Venture Beat as an opportunity to rip Evite a new one while plugging the startup he invested in. RZ, you can go ahead and start one for us:

Btw, when are YOU gonna start a valleywag social network? Get on the bandwagon could be making so much more money offa your readers.

Dead nerdy geeks were vain too, at least according to Pb:

Newton? Yeah buddy, that's his own hair. Neal Stephenson's The System of the World devotes many a passage to Sir Isaac's lush locks, even in his gray years.

BarelyFitz shows no
Google love:

Now that [Google rival] Baidu is bringing the tremendous benefits of universal information access to China, perhaps Google should leave the country and stop being evil.

and Re: VP Marissa Mayer:

Is she voiced by Mel Blanc? (with that laugh it's a definite possibility)

And finally, Mjlambie confirms the Nick Douglas/TechCrunch editor Mike Arrington lovefest:

Looks like MA gave you a little shoutout in his post. you guys are really starting to bond? Tahoe fishing trip weekend anytime soon?