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This week's edition of Newsweek features a cover story on famed photographer Annie Leibovitz, whose new collection, A Photographer's Life: 1990-2005, features many of Leibovitz's personal photos, both of her extended family and "the person she was closest to for that decade and a half—the late writer and critic Susan Sontag." The article then goes on to devote a decent amount of inches to Leibovitz's relationship with Sontag, telling us how close they were, how much Sontag mattered to Leibovitz, how they never lived together but had apartments facing each other's, how they would make sweet, sweet love on the floor of West Village pleasure dome. Wait, no — not that last part. In fact, Newsweek so carefully avoids any such mention to the point of absurdity:

Total no. of words: 1803
Mentions of Sontag: 15
No. of times words appear:
Partner - 0
Lover - 0
Gay - 0
Lesbian - 0
Sappho - 0
Pile driver - 0

Annie Leibovitz's 'Amazing Life in Pictures' [Newsweek]