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After overhearing some suspiciously chatty, sniffling patron exiting Hyde talking excitedly about how he felt "like Strawberry Shortcake just peed down the back of my throat,"'s curiosity was aroused enough to try and find the source of this new buzz, confident that even the most cutting-edge club does not yet offer deviant, childhood-cartoon-character-based water sports. Today, they present the findings from their journey through the fruit-flavored underbelly of the local narcotics trade:

Flavored cocaine is nothing new, we're told. Law enforcement sources tell us that since the 80s people have been buying coke in all sorts of flavors, including rum and cherry, and now it appears strawberry is back and all the rage.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that strawberry flavoring is added to the drug to give it its fruity flavor. Years ago just adding food coloring was a big thing— brown and red cocaine were the talk of the town. Theoretically, you could make or add any flavor you'd like to the drug.

Hollywood insiders tell TMZ that this drug has exploded in the club scene, and not only has cocaine made a huge comeback, the strawberry version is definitely rearing its ugly head again. Like leggings and skinny jeans, this dangerous pastime is back full force.

Sadly, we have no firsthand experience with strawberry-tinged booger sugar, as our dealer stubbornly refuses to offer anything but the traditional Cocaine Classic™ flavor. But we're intrigued by TMZ's bold piece on retro-blow, and invite our readers to pass along their encounters with it (either through e-mail or in our comments section) so that we can stay current on this explosive, fruity trend.