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Not that we'd ever suggest that you need any help whatsoever in getting shitfaced while sitting in front of a television, but the Foma blog has already come up with a drinking game for Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, which we pass along in the hope that you can put it to good use during tonight's second installment of the series:

Take a sip when:

* Someone makes a thinly veiled reference to an actual NBC show.
* A cast member of either West Wing or SportsNight guest stars or cameos. (Bradley Whitford does NOT count.)
* The camera completely circles any characters talking to each other.
* Amanda Peet calls someone by the wrong name.
* Anyone carrying a clipboard gives exposition.
* The "director" yells some technical jargon to a flunkie.
* Any character starts to drink an alcoholic beverage but puts it back down.
* There is a TV on in the background showing something else happening.

The rest of the rules are here, but we welcome refinements and additions in the comments section. After tonight's episode, we're sure that an entirely new set of drinking scenarios will present themselves, probably revolving around Amanda Peet's repeated use of a single facial expression to convey what should be a variety of emotions, or moments when Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford lean on one another for emotional support as the show spins out of control around them.