The four authors of forthcoming imaginatively titled polemic I Hate Ann Coulter! are sticking to their anonymity, claiming (maybe only half-facetiously) that they fear potential reprisals from Coulter's fans. The Post dutifully notes "It's only the second time in Simon & Schuster's history that an author's identity has been kept secret, the first being, "Go Ask Alice," a teen drug addict's diary, published in 1971." Of course, Go Ask Alice was only "anonymous" as a mechanism to perpetuate its own fraudulent nature, as it wasn't written by a fallen teen drug addict at all. Rather, it was one of several "anonymous teenager diaries" concocted by Mormon youth counselor Beatrice Sparks as part of her scared-straight campaign. Simon & Schuster's still willing to play up the anonymous angle as a publicity stunt, anyway.

Fear Factor [NYP via FishbowlNY]