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Remember yesterday's post about the eBay auction to have lunch with an Architectural Digest editor in the Conde Nast cafeteria? Well, as of this afternoon, the bidding was at a healthy $204.25. And the high bidder? Someone named Krupiter. Hmmm... why does that name sound familiar? Ah, yes, step forward Gawker mascot Andrew Krucoff, the former Conde Nast freelancer whom the company escorted from the premises and requested, Oscar Madison style, to never return. Can one fired Conde Nast worker receive a shot at redemption and get back into the building? We're guessing Si's gonna bump up the bid to whatever the necessary figure is, but it should be fun while it lasts.

Lunch @ Gehry-design Conde Nast Cafeteria w/top mag ed [eBay]

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