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In a classic "positioning poll" — the official term I just made up for research polls that double up as PR material — Yahoo massaged data about family technology habits to form a concept called — wait for it —
Family 2.0. What's new about this family? What stereotypical roles are broken down?

"Family 2.0 isn't the Cleavers of the 1950s or the futuristic Jetsons. Today's men cook, women work, and kids often are very tech-savvy," said Michele Madansky, vice president of sales research, Yahoo!. "Father doesn't always know best. He may not have a clue about what MP3 player is the best value, but daughter can be the expert because she has spent time online comparison shopping prices and features."

So some classic family values are still in place — according to Yahoo, shopping is still wimmin's business.

Press release with obnoxiously long title [Yahoo PR]