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• Maggie Gyllenhaaaaaal and Peter Sarsgaaaaard buy a $1.75 million townhouse in Park Slope, crushing the dreams of one silly civilian who'd been dying for a shot at the property. Alas, famous people always win. [NYO]
• Blogging for Rolling Stone requires biting one's tongue, even if it's on the matter of Fergie's prune face. [Idolator]
• A new Page Six writer learns that freebies really don't fly, especially when you gloat about your trappings in a mass email sent to half the city. [Radar]
• Our socialist brother taunts Edelman PR. [Consumerist]
• If you're excited about the Spy book, you'll likely enjoy Radar's homage to how it came to be. One thought: poor Kurt Andersen. [Radar]