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Didn't notice until today, but blogger Robert Scoble's recent interview of Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz (part of Scoble's new "ScobleShow") is delightfully awkward but revealing.

Sure, there are some mockably grandiose statements, like "Asking the question 'Why does Sun matter' is the equivalent of asking 'Why does the Internet matter?'" But there's also a cute story about Schwartz explaining Internet network clients to his five-year-old daughter.

All in all, this little chat isn't earth-shattering (at one point Schwartz seems to confuse increased phone-texting use with increased Java app use), but it's good for personal color, a way to see Schwartz "beyond the ponytail" and all. Scoble promises more such CEO interviews to come.

Jonathan Schwartz on why Sun Microsystems is relevant [ScobleShow]