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It's like watching a mortally wounded animal. You're only sorry that it has to suffer and that there's nothing you can do about it.

That was the Times' Ben Brantley, from his classic disemboweling of Paul Simon's ill-fated Capeman musical. The sentiment holds true for politics: There comes a point when the travails of even the most reprehensible, grandstanding, blindly ambitious pol become too painful to watch. No matter how much contempt we have for Republican Attorney General candidate Jeanine Pirro (and how self-righteous does one have to be to make a Cuomo seem humble by comparison?) even we, who have delighted in every fumble of her two error-prone campaigns this year (you may remember that she originally planned to challenge Senator Clinton), can only derive so much joy from the suffering of others, no matter how deserving or self-inflicted. We'll just put it this way: Her go-to guy was Bernie Kerik. What do you stress first, the comedy or the ineptitude?

Oh, Neaner. All you wanted was a high-paying gig on Fox News. Now the best you're likely to do is a show on MSNBC; we hope you still have an intern left to kill.

Jeanine Pirro Under Criminal Investigation [WNBC]