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Someday a lot of dot-commers will wish they were Craig Newmark. Why? Reuters says:

The founder of craigslist, the free social networking and classifieds Web site, said on Thursday he is not interested in selling out, a few hours after social networking site MySpace was valued at $15 billion.

That sums it all up. Craig was running his site (back when it was an e-mail list of local events) during the dot-com blowup. He saw stupid companies get stupid money and lose it. The dude may have other unmentioned reasons for not selling out, but keeping Craigslist a real $20-30 million company is much more satisfying than making it a fake $15 billion one. And it makes for much sweeter press attention.

Craigslist founder says he won't cash in [Reuters, Photo by Josh Schachter]