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Entertainment Weekly's PopWatch blog notes that on an improv theater internet message board discussing the merits and missteps of frequent Defaker fodder Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip, an astute Sorkinologist had an acute moment of déjà vu when Sarah Paulson's character storms in on Matthew Perry during a writer's meeting:

Sports Night, 4/27/1999 Dana Whitaker (Felicity Huffman): [barges in] You are a sleazy, slimy, adolescent, over-sexed, overpaid blowhole!

Studio 60, ''Cold Open,'' 9/25/2006
Harriet Hayes (Sarah Paulson, pictured): [barges in] You are an adolescent, over-sexed, whoremonger with the sensitivity of a head of cabbage.

In Sorkin's defense, there's only so many ways one can force a contrived confrontation of the sexes, and if the writer had to resort to throwing out a few rounds of insult-covered Yahtzee dice to compose his dialogue ("You are an 'infantile,' 'swollen-headed' 'skirtchaser' with the sensitivity of a 'traveler's phrase book!'"), so be it. Somewhat more disconcerting was the titular cold open of last week's episode, in which the cast within the show delighted the audience within the show (as opposed to the audience outside the show) with an updated rendition of Gilbert and Sullivan's "The Major-General's Song." As PopWatch points out, however, the Kids In The Hall's Mark McKinney was hired on Studio 60 as a story editor, to oversee the series' sketch elements. That's the same McKinney who happened to be an SNL regular in 1995, when David Hyde Pierce performed a musical monologue set to—you guessed it—"The Major-General's Song." And while a few trips back to the creative well are forgivable when a show is in its nascent stages and still finding footing, we'll be truly disappointed if Studio 60 introduces a new sketch character further along into the season named Turkey Chick—a sex-starved half-woman/half-fowl.