President Bush Declines Offer To Throw Back A Few Rounds Of Fermented Horse Urine With Kazakh Filmmaker

One has to admire the intrepid comic stylings of Sacha Baron Cohen, who, along with his assortment of alter egos, refuses to stop until entire governments are up in arms, or, as in the case of this Reuters report, until he trots up to the front door of the White House in full Borat drag in order to invite "Premier George Walter Bush" to a screening of his new movie. (He was politely rejected by a small army of secret agents with one finger in their ears and the other on their holsters.) The man is a marvel of ingenuity, constantly conjuring up new ways to further infuriate already pissed-off world leaders:

Shortly after [Kazakh President Nursultan] Nazarbayev dedicated a statue in front of the Kazakh embassy, Borat denounced an official Kazakh publicity campaign running in U.S. magazines as "disgusting fabrications" orchestrated by neighboring Uzbekistan.

"If there is one more item of Uzbek propaganda claiming that we do not drink fermented horse urine, give death penalty for baking bagels, or export over 300 tons of human pubis per year, then we will be left with no alternative but to commence bombardment of their cities with our catapults," Borat said.

President Nazarbayev is scheduled to sit down with Bush this Friday to discuss, among other things, common misconceptions currently circulating about his country. We'd urge the President not to get too bogged down in cultural diplomacy, however, and to focus their time together on developing a trade agreement which will allow financially stretched American consumers to take full advantage of Kazakhstan's rich natural oil and human pubis reserves.