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New York's two major tabs rarely agree on anything but, in a heart-warming moment of unanimity, they're in accordance on one issue this morning: Lisa Santangelo, the woman with whom Jeanine Pirro suspected her husband was having sleazy boat romp sex, is "stunning." Also "young" and "brunette," although the News finds her "elegant," while the Post, presumably from lack of familiarity with the word, eschews the extra color. Everyone involved is denying that the affair occurred, but if Al Pirro did in fact stick it to Lisa Santangelo, wife of the attorney who represented him in the tax-fraud case that resulted in an eleven month prison sentence, you've got to give him credit: It's rare that you can screw two lawyers simultaneously without fucking either of them.

Meanwhile, we're still waiting on transcripts of the Kerik-Pirro confab. It seems a little unfair that the feds will leak to WNBC but not to us.

Jeanine feared fling with family pal [NYDN]

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