The Web 2.0 Drinking Game: Now with Facebook

You've probably already seen the ridrunkulous Web 2.0 drinking game from that blogger Steve Rubel showed me. You've laughed at "On MySpace, take a drink if you manage to find the person you had a crush on in 2nd grade. Finish your drink if they're still hot." You even saw the added TechCrunch rules on the blog. So here's one more section:


  • Drink if you get invited to a group called "Change Facebook back," "Take away the news feeds," or "We may use a social network but we're still elitist luddites."
  • Do a shot every time you see a photo of your friends doing a shot.
  • Drink when someone inexplicably replaces their decent self-portrait with a hideous one.
  • Drink when someone tags a photo with your name because some of your elbow made it into the frame of someone else's group shot.
  • Finish your drink when founder Mark Zuckerberg invades your homepage with another apology.

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