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· Now that Tom Cruise's team of genetic technicians have successfully engineered a baby molecularly stable enough to stay constituted for the duration of a major magazine photo shoot, they've moved on to bigger challenges, like manipulating the genes that have allowed Katie Holmes to grow a full foot since the beginning of September. [via CityRag]
· "Sexiest Woman Alive" Scarlett Johansson laments that her internal organs don't attract the same kind of attention as her most conspicuous external features.
Who says that comic book fans have too much time on their hands? [via BoingBoing]
Don't miss Wonkette's compelling coverage of the revelations that Rep. Mark Foley might be a Pedophile-American. Especially this post, with YouTube of ABC's Brian Ross narrating a disturbing IM exchange.
· Tomorrow is National Steve Guttenberg Day! It's probably too late to Netflix yourself a mini Guttenberg film festival, but here are some other suggestions on ways to celebrate.