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From Crain's:

At a grand opening on Monday, top New York City Google executives shed some light on the role that the firm's newly opened office at 111 Eighth Ave. will play in the Internet giant's future. Tim Armstrong, Google's vice president of advertising sales, said "newer initiatives into print and audio advertising are being done" at the new location but he declined to comment on any specific offerings, citing company policy.

New York Engineering Director Craig Nevill-Manning also dispelled recent rumors suggesting Google's new office would become a large data center, firmly stating, "We have no plans to build a data center here." He was cagey about whether Google would expand its free-WiFi service to other areas of the city outside of Bryant Park. "You'll have to wait and see," he said.

So, uh, what light was shed here? We can pretty much envision the entire "opening" as a long series of "Well, we can't say, but we won't be evil," comments interspersed with the occasional "Don't open that door!" Wake us when their plan to blackmail everyone in America with the information they've gleaned from gmail comes to fruition.

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