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The Vows in yesterday's Times was particularly special. Per usual, the featured couple was connected in some way to the who's who of society (in this case, designer Nicole Miller), and the manner in which they reached their union was predictably "aw"-inducing (ultimatum, break-up, reunion), as is required by all Vows features. But there was something different about yesterday's bride and groom, Pamela Taylor and Eames Yates. Mr. Yates suffers from a condition rarely seen in Vows: Mr. Yates is fat.

The Times treads carefully around this sensitive issue:

• "Nicole Miller and her husband, Kim Taipale, arranged a blind date for their two 'loudest and biggest friends' — Pamela Hughes Taylor and Eames Hamilton Yates."

• "Mr. Yates, 50, who is oversize and over the top in every way..."

• The couple were "known as Wild Pam and Big Eames. He even lost some weight with her."

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