Joycelyn Elders, All Is Forgiven

Perhaps Mark Foley should have been paying more attention to the advice doled out in local races; specifically the Assembly race in Queens. That's where Chris Migliaccio, the Conservative/ Republican hopeful for the seat, has taken the somewhat unusual position of advocating that masturbation "be part of the sex-education curriculum" because "you are less aggressive when you masturbate on some sort of regular basis ."

Not only that, he's a strong supporter of women's rights: "In high school, only one in 10 blowjobs are reciprocated with other oral sex. That's terrible. That suggests that girls are being taught that they ought not get equal rights." Ben Smith reports the story in the News, and, even better, he's got video here. We've got to say, this kid sounds pretty good to us. All we need to hear is his position on ass-play and we may be ready to issue our own endorsement.

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