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Much as we love to make fun of Jonathan Schwartz (and his role as lame-duck interim CEO of Sun Microsystems), the dude is pretty good at blogging. So it's actually neat that Schwartz faxed the chairman of the SEC last week asking him to acknowledge blogs as a viable place for a company to disclose info like new deals and quarterly earnings.

Right now, says Schwartz, Sun has to disclose this info through a conference call with investors or through a press release issued to newspapers. The SEC rules are supposed to ensure that the public can all equally access the info, but Schwartz figures the Internet is more public than a phone convo or an article in the Wall Street Journal.

And, well, who can argue with that? Maybe not even the SEC chair. So here's a toast to Jonathan Schwartz, who might soon make business history.

One Small Step for the Blogosphere... [Jonathan's Blog]