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Food blogger Jay McInerney reports a welcome change at uptown writer pit Elaine's:

Went to Elaine's that night with my editor, Gary Fisketjon, his wife, my fianc e and a visiting Italian literary critic. We got a prime table, along the wall, right at the break between the two rooms. The food at Elaine's is so infamous that one hesitates to mention it, although the veal chop is always good if you are a starving carnivore and I actually had two very fine loin lamb chops, which were a special and my Italian friend was very happy with her rib-eye. Moreover, I was pleasantly surprised my standard appetizer has been upgraded: the pepper and anchovie now comes with marinated Ligurian anchovies instead of the oily monsters of old. Not bad at all.

[INTERNAL: From now on when referring to McInerney remember to strike "oily" from "smarmy, self-satisfied" tag.]

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