Think you're having a bad week? Give a little sympathy to Ernie Schreiber, who had to cancel his vacation because he works for the local paper in Lancaster, PA, where news broke in rather dramatic fashion yesterday. Editor & Publisher profiles the the New Era in a piece that throws up a variety of odd details. For example, stories are posted to the paper's website before they hit print, which we're sure is of great utility to the local Amish. But the most interesting quote comes at the end of the piece:

Miller said the paper has always had a good relationship with the Amish community, estimating that they comprise about 5% of readership for the papers. "They use our classified section quite a bit, and they usually subscribe to the morning paper," he said. "The only difference is in terms of obituaries, which they usually run on Monday. That's because they don't buy products on Sundays."

Out of respect for the dead we're going to leave that one alone, but, honestly? It's killing us.

Lancaster Paper Goes Wall-to-Wall for Amish Shootings Coverage [E&P]