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In this vintage edition of the Stalk: Ivanka Trump and Topher Grace, Sasha Baron Cohen, Penelope Cruz and Pedro Almodovar, Kate Boswoth, Senator Clinton, Parker Posey, Jennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany, Uma Thurman, Winona Ryder, Steve Martin, Matthew Modine, Scarlett Johansson, J.J. Redick, Matthew Broderick, Jessica Biel, Mark Ruffalo, Janet Jackson, Isabella Rossellini, Jane Pratt, Bridgette Moynihan, Rachel Weisz, Darren Aronofsky, Jake Gyllenhaal, Will Arnett, Mr. T, Stephanie March, Walter Cronkite, Dylan McDermott, Jude Law, Dean Winters, Christopher McDonald, James Lipton, Gary Busey, Oksana Baiul, Levi Okunov, and Carrot Top.

Sat across from Ivanka Trump and Topher Grace at the Spotted Pig on Friday night 9/29 around 10 pm. Topher was there first with some other guy and then Ivanka showed up with a friend. Looked like a double-date. Topher and Ivanka chatted basically the whole time while the other two looked somewhat bored.

On Friday night, I ran into Ivanka Trump and Topher Grace in the back part of Sway. I was a little drunk but I remember she looked very striking in person and I could have sworn he had frosted tips.

Sasha Baron Cohen was at Yom Kippur Services on 110th Street and Broadway at Ramat Oreh Congregation. He was wearing a funky bukharien yarmulke and was awkwardly tall in a sea of diminutive Jews. Surprisingly, no one really noticed him.He went up to the Torah for a honor that Kohanes (descendents of Aaron) - remember his last name is Cohen which means he's a Kohane. After coming down from the Torah I shook his hand. He ducked out of the synagogue minutes before the service ended which left some wondering if they actually saw him.

Penelope Cruz and Pedro Almodovar at 10:15pm Saturday 9.30 at corner of10th and Broadway. They paused at the corner, looking a bit lost.

Just passed Kate Bosworth outside my apartment on 13th/8th... Full on winter coat, tall boots and bag- all black. Day-glo blonde hair, seriously freaky looking!!! Her model boyfriend looked good.

Spotted Senator Clinton shopping at ABC Carpet and Home. By the way she was looking around, it seemed like her first visit to the place. She was being trailed by two cute SS agents who I originally mistook for a gay couple.

So I'm sitting with my boyfriend in the balcony of Town Hall at the Sufjan Stevens show on Friday the 29th, partly ecstatic that I'm going to see Sufjan and partly laughing at the obviousness of all the hipster folk ..there was a guy wearing a "Scritti Politti" shirt somehow trying to reach the 80's trivia nerds and be ironic at the same time. *sigh.* Anyhow, close to the start of Sufjan's set, my boyfriend happens to see a woman dressed in various layers of black wearing a large capey-coat walking extremely strangely to her an exaggerated bad runway walk that would have made even Miss Jay scoff. He said "who the hell walks like THAT?" in a rather incredulously annoyed tone. I looked up and said "that's because it's Parker Posey, and she's probably high". She was with a smaller guy who seemed kind of gay, and she even did a little wave to her hipster fans from her seat. Funnily enough, while Sufjan played 'John Wayne Gacy', she and her companion did a quick dash out the door, only to return after the song casually rubbing their noses. Sudden allergy attack? Anybody's guess. Sufjan Stevens? FANTASTIC show.

Yesterday 10/1, at Back to the Land on 7th Avenue in Park Slope- My husband & I were in line behind Jennifer Connelly, Paul Bettany & their cute, well-behaved son. They bought a bunch of health food & seemed so totally nice. Not to mention they're the hottest couple on the planet. That was quite the Sunday treat.

Uma Thurman enjoyed front row seats at the Absinthe late show in the Spigeltent on Saturday night. She was so impressed with the Norwegian rubberman that she gave him a personal standing ovation. Even with no make-up she looked stunning.

Winona Ryder at INA Women on Prince street in NoLiTa consigning all the clothes she gets for free from Marc Jacobs. The staff had to explain to her several times how consigning works, but she still looked confused and started trying random clothing items off the racks. Super tiny and aging.

I spotted Steve Martin walking alone on 72nd Street Transverse on the west side of Central Park Sunday at 11 a.m., looking dapper and happy in a natty suit and nearly translucent yellow rain coat that flapped behind him. He wore dark sunglasses and a baseball cap. Other than the baseball cap, very chic. He strode confidently down the center of the road, unnoticed by half-marathoners who had just finished the "Greta Gallop."

Saw Matthew Modine at Joe the Art of Coffee, 141 Waverly Pl, in the Village at noon or so today. Bearded with jeans and green tee shirt. Got a coffee to go.

At around 7pm on saturday I saw Scarlett Johansson walking east on Houston, right past Lafayette. She's tiny. And gorgeous. Her hair was a few shades darker than it appears on her latest movie poster. An hour later I saw Julianna Margulies with some guy in the Aroma cafe on Houston. I couldn't tell if she was giving me a dirty look, had something in her eye, or wanted my table. Then I found five dollars.

Magic player JJ Redick and French girlfriend having a PDA heavy diner at> Gotham B&G. Both very good-looking. A guy asked him for an autograph as they> were on their way out. I left at the same time, he had a town car waiting. I'm pretty sure he said something about the Mercer Hotel.

September 29, 7:30. Matthew Broderick keepin' it real on the orange line, or maybe he's still a little shaky about getting behind the wheel. Had his arm in a sling. Backed up against the train door trying to be inconspicious, maybe because he saw me staring. Only a few people stole glances at him and I think everyone else didn't notice. Had bedhead and had that cranky "don't talk to me" look.

Jessica Biel at aroma on houston and greene. Sitting with a girlfriend and gently patting her trout lips with a napkin. 2:30pm on saturday the 30th

Mark Ruffalo was ordering a fruit smoothie (red!) at The Pinnacle Deli on 115th and Broadway. Clean cut, in black jacket, with a bit of gray in his hair, and very polite. I told him I was a fan, and he introduced himself and thanked me. MUCH cuter in person that even his cuteness in movies would have you believe!

Janet Jackson, entering the ParkerMeridian hotel on 57th around 2pm today, wearing a big nylon jacket with bright orange sleeves. Looks good though.

Isabella Rossellini on Air France flight 008 to New York last night looking very much like her mother from the neck up.

Spied a haggard-looking Jane Pratt at Smith and Warren Streets in Cobble Hill Sunday. She was very blonde, slim, and youthfully-dressed in a mini and flowing top, but looked old and tired. Was carrying a Scoop bag.

Saw Bridgette Moynihan at corner of West Broadway and Spring. Pizza to go in hand. Is very tall and effortlessly beautiful!

Rachel Weisz and Darren Aronofsky, 10 minutes ago walking with their bebe at Washington Sq. Park East. She's gorgeous!! Bebe was crying. Darren didn't look nearly as guilty as he should be for eating part of my soul with Requiem for a Dream.

Jake Gyllenhaal on bike w blue helmet at houston & westside hwy

In front of my apt, W.18th between 7th and 8th, there is a bench and when I came home from work yesterday GOB (aka Will Arnett) was sitting on it with a brunette. He was wearing a red, white and blue track suit coat and jeans and saying "And then when the door opened, I was like 'oh man'" Looks the same in real life as he does on TV.

Mr. T rocking an American flag bandana and a young asian girlfriend, outside the Daily News building. Lots of loud mumbling with a mild palsy, but still had some playful growls and advice for the fans

2pm Tuesday October 3rd. Just ran into Stephanie March of Law & Order (married to Bobby Flay) on the corner of Broadway and 52nd. Looking smokin'in a tight black tank top & high black leather boots talking on her cell phone. She looks much more demure on TV.

Walter Cronkite in Penn Station, in a wheelchair, being pushed by a red cap. A woman in black walking next to him asked if he wanted to go shopping. Helooked at her with mild amusement. 12.28pm, 3 October 2006.

Saw Dylan McDermott and his wife Shiva Rose at Craft restaurant last night. Didn't see any alcohol. He was looking stubbly as usual. Shiva looked delectable, but not as delectable as the doughnuts and chocolate sauce I had for desert.

I just saw a scruffy-looking Jude Law riding and chaining up his red bike on 20th Street between Park and Broadway. No idea where he was going.

Saw Dean Winters of Oz and Law & Order fame this afternoon around 3 pm walking by The Little Owl. Scruffy, tired and looked like he was doing a walk of shame. Not as wrinkle-free as you would think.

Saw Christopher McDonald (Shooter McGavin) chatting away walking down bleecker and leroy smoking a stoagie with two other guys puffing away.

September 29th, 8:00pm: 44th and Broadway. James Lipton (Inside the Actor's Studio) and wife at The History Boys sitting two seats down from Gary Busey, of all people, and male companion. They both looked really old, but Busey looked downright scary!

At the Russian Vodka room...figure skater Oksana Baiul with fashion designer Levi Okunov. They were last seen as couple at the Heatherette show during fashion week.

October 1 @ 9pm: Carrot Top at Firenze at 83rd & 2nd. Eating with female companion. Super super buff. I'll refrain from any harsh comments about him b/c he wished me happy birthday.