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Welcome back to the comment execution terrordrome. Before we start chopping, some small advice — patience. Sometimes your comments are posted immediately. Sometimes it may take the system a few moments to digest your comment, once saved. No need to madly repaste your comment and save again, resulting in the public shame of a double-posted comment. We wouldn't be so cruel as to execute for such, but then, we've been punished for our forbearance in the past. Things could change. Meanwhile, the names of the dead:

Executed: bohammer71.
Crime: On certain days, comments on every single post — yet says nothing.

Executed: Julia Allison.
Crime: Gratuitous self-promotion that makes even the gratuitous self-promoters at Gawker blush.

Executed: montezuma.
Crime: Efforts at policing repetition better applied to repetitive nature of own comments.

Disputants may consults the Gawker Comments FAQ, section 5. However, note also that this manner of death isn't really permanent. Banned commenters may return through invitations or through future general amnesties. Existing commenters should also feel free to nominate other commenters for future bannings; doing so will, of course, raise one's own potential banning profile.