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The date: September 29th 2006

The place: West Broadway

Sighting: Ron Perelman and Gina Gershon getting into a car alone, looking VERY intimate. He actually looks better in real life. They're both really tiny.

You know, you sort of have to hand it to Gina Gershon. Lady has been acting steadily since the early 80's and at 45 remains a C, maybe even B-list sex symbol. And for what? Doing a lesbian scene with Jennifer Tilly ten years ago and somehow managing to come out of a starring role in Showgirls with her dignity intact. Okay, in fairness, that last part was impressive.

Now, it would appear Gina has set her sights on Revlon billionaire and marriage enthusiast Ronald Perelman. As you have no doubt heard - if you are the sort of person who reads this site, and we suspect you are - Mr. Perelman's most recent marriage, to actress Ellen Barkin, has just come to an end. So, right about now is when he starts looking around for a shiny new younger woman to make him feel less short, round and bald. Gina, smartly, has stepped up to the plate.

Granted, Perelman kind of seems like a dick, and no, he doesn't appear to have a neck, but dude is totally loaded; and there isn't much a girl can't overlook when it comes to a mega-yacht. Also, it looks like spending a few years as the little fella's wife really pays off.

So good on you Gina, seems like you have everything worked out for now. Just please remember that golden nugget of advice Cristal Connors gave to a young and naive yet utterly-fuckable Nomi Malone. Because it's true, there IS always someone younger and hungrier coming down the stairs after you.