Just when we thought we were finally ready to choose between the cutely conflated Vaughniston and Vaughnnifer nicknames that never really seemed to adequately represent the fusing of their public personas, Us Weekly is reporting that Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn, the on-screen/off-screen tabloid darlings who found suspicious, conveniently timed love on the set of The Break-Up, have called it quits. Upon hearing the news (which, like their recent engagement rumors, is still subject to a vigorous publicist denial), we were nearly too incapacitated with sadness to look up The Break-Up's DVD release date, but after we were through shattering every reflective surface in our home and the five-minute seizure resulting from the contemplation of this latest blow to the notion of romantic love subsided, we determined that it's due out on October 17th. We sincerely hope that the unwelcome publicity that is sure to surround the dissolution of their union doesn't harm the financial prospects of the movie, which regardless of its sell-through rate, will remain a beautiful cinematic testament to a relationship that burned too brightly.