If you are anything like us, your wall calendars are currently covered in a series of large, red Xs ending at yesterday's encircled date, with the words "Rosie's Big Nip/Tuck Sex Scene!" enthusiastically scribbled within. The steamy encounter between Dr. Christian Troy and O'Donnell's lottery-winning lipo patient, Dawn Budge (video above), answers many of our lingering erotic questions relating to the current title holder of Loudest Voice on The View. Namely: 1. What's the going rate for ten minutes of coming into naked contact with her? ($420,000.) 2. Does she talk during sex? (Yes, about mac and cheese.) And, finally, 3. Is an invasive procedure like liposuction guaranteed to make a noticeable difference in the contour of your jiggly lunchlady arms? (Apparently not.)