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California's attorney general plans to indict former Hewlett-Packard chair Patricia Dunn for her role in investigating a boardroom news leak, according to the New York Times. Other indictees will include a former HP senior lawyer and three outside investigators.

All the indictees, says the Times, will be charged with four felonies: "Using of false or fraudulent pretenses to obtain confidential information from a public utility, unauthorized access to computer data, identity theft, and conspiracy to commit each of those crimes."

What this means: Investigators that took the Fifth in the Congressional hearing may still have to relinquish evidence of their allegedly fraudulent tactics. This could reveal, as Dunn has claimed, that HP isn't the only major company dabbling in phone fraud. Oh boy, who's next?

It also means the Times needs a new shot of Dunn, because their current one with the bald men knocking heads behind her is getting old.

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