If you were unfortunate enough to catch the premiere of NBC's ludicrous superhero snoozefest Heroes, you might have enjoyed the image above where a girl jams her hand into a running disposal, apparently shredding her flesh and digits. Despite the carnage, she's ultimately unharmed, because she has the regenerative abilities of a common earthworm, starfish, or other invertebrate (will her severed fingers regenerate into duplicate girls? stay tuned!). Anyway, Emerson, the maker of the disposal — ingeniously named the "In-Sink-Erator" — is suing NBC, claiming that the show casts their product in an unsafe light. "It's a trademark thing," says one company spokesman. So feel free to jam your extremities right down into your In-Sink-Erators, because there's nothing safer than a damp, dark hole full of whirring blades.

Emerson tries to block rebroadcast of show [St. Louis Post-Dispatch]