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In next week's fall issue of Ms. magazine, there's a cover story called "We Had Abortions," featuring the names of thousands of American woman who signed a petition and knowingly, intentionally volunteered their names in support of the pro-choice cause. You know the rationale: real women, unashamed, stepping forward to declare that they made the choice and were not struck by lightning on their way out of the clinic. Naturally the story is causing all sorts of pro-life hysteria which, on the upside, means people might actually start reading Ms. again. On the downside, AOL posted a lovely poll yesterday asking readers: "What do you think of Ms. magazine's naming of women who had abortions?" Not exactly a straight question, since the women outed themselves. Late yesterday afternoon, Ms. complained, and AOL changed the question to something "more fair" (above), though it doesn't strike us as much of an improvement. But you have to admire AOL's restraint in not asking "What do you think of Ms. magazine's list of sinners, harlots, and whores?" You know their subscribers were clamoring for that one.

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