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As photographic evidence recently demonstrated, there is a universe of flabby difference separating the John Travolta of the Sweathogs from the John Travolta of Wild Hogs, the suburban-biker-dad comedy in which he co-stars with Martin Lawrence, Tim Allen, and William H. Macy. But in this photoset of the actors splashing around between takes of a skinnydipping sequence, Travolta demonstrates the time-honored practice of maximizing his gynecomastic assets by squeezing them together for maximum cleavage (1), a trick which proved less successful when he later tested it on other body regions (2). A more body-conscious Lawrence was only trying to help out resistant friend Allen with the ancient Chinese ritual of love-handle-binding (3), a technique that has always worked for him (4). Macy is no stranger to set nudity, and proudly displayed his taut buttocks, but ultimately chose to demure from baring it all with a junk-satchel (5). Nothing, however, could have prepared the boys for when Wild Hogs director Walt Becker came out from behind the cameras to join the fun, stripping down to reveal a jaw-dropping, megaphone-sized member the likes of which even Captain Travolta had never seen (6).