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Hands up all those of you who know who Alan Hevesi is. Yeah, we thought so. Quick refresher: Hevesi is the former city comptroller who now serves that position in a state capacity and is running for re-election. There's been a bit of a hullabaloo of late over his use of a state vehicle to chauffeur his wife around; Hevesi has apologized and promised to reimburse the state about $80,000. Now, Hevesi challenger J. Christopher Callaghan (perhaps the only politician in New York with less name recognition than the comptroller) has tossed up the charge that Hevesi "keeps in his home a state-issued computer that his campaign opponent alleges is primarily for his wife." It's a pretty desperate attempt to gin up a controversy by a candidate with less chance of winning than whoever the guy running against Hillary Clinton is, but, even so, given everything that's been going on with Mark Foley lately, we're not sure that we'd want our spokesman saying "I don't know what he does when he gets on the computer." It just gives people ideas.

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