· We don't know if this Very Special Episode of the Facts of Life was from the Paul Haggis era, but the social issue it addresses is handled with the same level of nuance he brought to the race-relations problem in Crash.
· Film Threat offers its tips on how to make your own celebrity sex tape. One glaring omission: The part where you hire the hookers willing to let a Screech-level actor defile them with a Dirty Sanchez.
We don't often do this, but we'd like to extend a personal apology to Tina Yothers for so losing touch with her current whereabouts that we had no idea that getting herself bikini-ready was some kind of a triumph. We won't let it happen again.
· Michael Bay has brought his movie magic to Detroit.
Shadowy anonyblogger Bachem Macuno resurfaces with this opening: "Agent [ey-junt] n. : someone who will lie to you as part of their natural respiration process and would happily stab you and fuck the wound while sweet-talking a more important client on their cell phone." And it only gets better from there. Still not sold? The new blog is titled " Agents Can Eat My Ass Out Like Hungry Bears."