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It's amazing what a little polling reveals. According to E-Poll Market Research, which ranks more than 2,800 celebrities on 46 different personality attributes, celebrities are overexposed. And yes, we needed a formal survey to tell us this. On their scale, the average overexposure rating for "most celebrities at the peak of their careers is between 3% and 7%," but the familiar faces gracing the the covers of celebrity weeklies are rating much, much higher. According to the index, the most overexposed celebs:

Paris Hilton - 66%
Britney Spears - 62%
Anna Nicole Smith - 57%
Kevin Federline - 48%
Pam Anderson - 48%
Lindsay Lohan - 47%
Tom Cruise - 47%
Nicole Richie - 46%
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen - 45%
Michael Jackson - 44%
Donald Trump - 42%
Jessica Simpson - 41%

We'd say that there's an obvious inverse correlation to talent here, but Jessica Simpson kind of throws the whole thing off.

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