"What the $#@! Is Web 2.0?" asks the Red Herring. I hoped they'd leave it at that — Web 2.0 is $#@! — but the magazine spends 400 more words summing up a report by the Pew Internet Project.

Pew named its report "Riding the Waves of Web 2.0: More than a buzzword, but still not easily defined," a title that tells readers off the bat, "This paper won't get you any closer to understanding this phrase, but it'll get a lot of press." (That's not entirely fair. The paper does reach a conclusion: if an online business is doing well right now, then it's Web 2.0. It's the wrong conclusion but it'll do.)

Meanwhile, ClickZ News covers the report with accidental cheek: On the first mention of the slippery buzzword, the article reads: "Web 2.0 (define)".

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