Technorati, the leading weblog search engine, entered the video news "space" (ugh) today with the Technorati Daily Vlog. Sadly, it's all last week's news with a few blog URLs thrown in. Below is the video, but after that are six reasons you shouldn't bother watching.

The major disappointments:

  • Co-host Aaron Crane can't stand still, distracting attention from co-host Liz Dunn.
  • The premise is that Technorati knows what's top news, right? Surely the rich database of live information streaming through Technorati can tell the vloggers more than "Gee, people are riled up about that Mark Foley scandal."
  • Speaking of Foley, the show covers the story by rehashing a few three-day-old details. We already saw this on the Daily Show, guys.
  • The filmmakers use stutter-filled takes instead of reshooting until the hosts nail it. Throwing up a first draft insults viewers. (Case in point: Valleywag posts.)
  • Who the hell is this Louis Black wannabe "pontificating" about "bogus blogs"? Can he slow down and explain what he's talking about?
  • The show ends with another week-old story, the "men's bathroom etiquette" video using Sims to simulate the danger of talking in the boys' room.

Technorati can fix this show — train the hosts, add links below the video, and dig deeper into the news instead of parroting headlines. Maybe then it'll be worth five minutes of your life.

Technorati Daily Vlog [Technorati]