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Vincent Libretti, Project Runway's 401k-cashing, misunderstood sartorial genius and onetime victim of a P.A.-enacted laundry crime hinted on the show's recent reunion episode about his displeasure with the rash of disparaging "blogspots" currently plaguing the internet. He went so far as to finger St. Runway himself, Tim Gunn, as being one of his jealous, petty detractors, who used his blog to help fuel a growing online conspiracy bent on painting Libretti as a delusional hack with a God complex, as opposed to the fashion visionary who started the now white-hot trend of gluing spangles to a salad bowl and calling it a hat. Realizing that there's hardly enough time in one 60-minute special to really express his unique point of view, has done him the favor of allowing him to further vent on the blogspot scourge:

The blogspots and the Bravo site, it's all fucking trash. Tim Gunn is a trashmouth. He puts people down. He wants to really ignite their trashy, cheap explosions to get these people to react. This show is like that. It's kind of trashy....You go to the blogspots. People are ripping people apart. Why rip these designers apart? Where was one ounce of camaraderie shown on this show?...It wasn't there.

If this is for ratings, if this is what makes the show the show, be it. [Pause. To Crew:] That was good stuff!...Don't even go to blogspots! It's entertaining for morbid sick bastards who have nothing better to do.

Libretti's support of his fellow contestants is touching, if not slightly inconsistent with some of the thoughts expressed in an interview in which he dismissed every single one of them as amateurs. Still, that's more than can be said about the cutthroat world of blogspotting, where not even an ounce of camaraderie exists between blogspotters, lest it dilute the outrageousness of a single, Libretti-bashing rant.