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From yesterday's Page Six, an update on self-promoting Seventeen EIC Atoosa Rubenstein:

After Page Six reported how "Atoosa the Hun" had lost several staffers because of her demanding, egocentric ways, she hired crisis manager Mike Sitrick, who also reps R. Kelly, Rush Limbaugh and Barbara Davis. Sitrick said of his client Rubenstein, "We do a lot more than crisis management."

If one is reflected upon by the company they keep, this might be doing Atoosa more harm than good. Also, according to the Sitrick and Company website, the company aims to "achieve the much more difficult task of keeping clients out of the press." For the 'Toos, this may very well be impossible. But if Sitrick's in the business of redefining a woman's soul, we fully stand behind him.

Image Doctor [Page Six]
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