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"Get real," says 37Signals, but the famous Chicago design firm (designers of and creators of Basecamp and other web apps for businesses) is well-known for getting cocky on its corporate blog (a common faux pas of companies that think they're leading a movement). That's why an outside designer told me:

There's a new betting pool going on in our office: who will 37signals compare themselves to this week?

Two weeks ago it was: Project Runway, the Jitterbug Phone, Tufte, Gandhi, Einstein, Martin Luther King, 50 Cent, Hugo Chavez, Steve Jobs, Dieter Rams, Jonathan Ive, and Michael Gondry, all of whom apparently "got real."

This week was Tony Bennett, the Japanese, Linus Torvalds, Google, and Bill Ford.

My prediction for this week: Oprah, hotcakes, roller skates, Dean Martin.

My bet's on Bono, Skype, cardboard baby books, and Cirque de Soleil. What's yours?