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yeahyeahgoogleboughtyoutubeNEXT! It's just about time someone finally picked up Facebook, and now rumors are flying (in tricked-out 767s) that both Google and YouTube are talking to the company about a buyout.

  • The Wall Street Journal already reported in September that Facebook was talking to Yahoo. [Wall Street Journal]
  • The Washington Post says Yahoo and Facebook have been constantly talking for three months, and Yahoo needs to get this thing done and stop looking like that indecisive git at the cafe. "Oh, a latte sounds so good but I really wanted a grande mocha..." [Washington Post]
  • As we noted earlier, Threadwatch says Google's the buyer, at $2.3 billion. That's just about the price Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg (shown here being grounded from a Fall Out Boy concert) has asked for, and well over Yahoo's piddling rumored bid of $1 billion. (Geez, Yahoo, pull your whole schlong out or don't wave it around at all.) Is the company paying penance for missing out on its chance to buy MySpace for under $300 million? [Threadwatch]