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CD-swapping site LaLa used some of its nine million bucks to buy an resurrect a dead Internet radio station, WOXY. Just when you thought a site already made obsolete by Amazon, eBay, and iTunes couldn't get any more irrelevant, ya know?

So maybe this will pit LaLa against popular customized Internet radio sites like Pandora and Hahahahahanope. Those services actually play the music someone wants. Because it's meant for wide broadcast ("wide" here meaning "less than the local country station"), WOXY will run crippled playlists under heinous laws for Internet radio. A CNET writer reports:

LaLa has been very careful about following the letter of the law, which includes obtaining the proper licenses and imposing certain rules on the DJs. The stations must be at least three hours long, you can only use two songs per artist, and you cannot listen to your own station (bummer). But, hey, it is free, so I'm not gonna complain too much.

"But, hey, it is free, so I'm not gonna complain." Not quite the perfect tagline. revives WOXY [CNET]