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Talented media reporter/secretary Jon Friedman plays it close to the vest this week with a cagey, contemplative piece on an oft-overlooked player's comments at a classified event: Jon Stewart's chat with David Remnick at the New Yorker festival. (God only knows what sort of deep cover Friedman had to undergo to nab that score.) The intrepid reporter goes out on a limb, declaring that Stewart has "an uncommonly sophisticated understanding of journalism" — but it takes one to know one. Friedman's so sophisticated that he effectively conveys Stewart's impact within only the first few words of every paragraph! You don't even need to read a whole sentence to get the point:

• "Stewart dispelled..."
• "Stewart lamented..."
• "Stewart probably* surprised..."
• "Stewart, who answered questions..."
• "Stewart professed..."
• "Stewart noted..."
• "Stewart will continue..."
• "Stewart jumped over the lazy dog..."

The Media World According to Jon Stewart [Marketwatch]

*"Probably!" We're in awe of his dogged style! Like any great reporter, Friedman always questions the obvious before he states it.