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Gottfried the Intern wraps up another episode of Leo Laporte's online talk show, This Week in Tech.

In this week's Netcast (Ready, Clench), Leo talks to the gang about Windows Vista, MySpace, Chinese Bloggers, and why Google won't buy YouTube. (Oops!)

  • Paul Thurrott, a Microsoft suit, plugs the final test version (called RC2) of Windows Vista. How's it different from the first version? One new icon and some minimal cosmetic stuff, but hey, Microsoft is offering a free RC2 download right now for a limited time. To be expired very soon with the release of Vista, which should be in stores some time before the holiday season.
  • John C. Dvorak, a frequent TWiT panel member, says the Google buy-out of YouTube rumors are "bogus." It's like the Friendster story about the site being in talks to get bought out. Score: Dvorak 0, reality 1.
  • The World Trade Organization demands that Russians adhere to the legal distribution of mp3s. Russian Reaction: Hell no! And according to Dvorak, the Russians can get away with it that because they have all the oil in the world stored there. So, wait, why are we in Iraq again?
  • 17.5 Million Bloggers in China and 90% of Koreans have blogs. Yeah, ok. Remind me why we care who has a MySpace page?
  • Leo Laporte has a MySpace page. Tee Hee.
  • Forget the hype. Leo is NOT in fact trademarking "netcast."