Today's NYT Dining section features a nice reminiscence of the late R.W. "Johnny" Apple. While trying to come up with different superlatives for the man and his appetites ("extraordinary" is used to describe his wine cellar, "elastic" his expense account, and "extensive" for the wine cellar again), Adam Nagourney notes the following:

His very last e-mail message, sent the night before he died, was a response to a Times food writer looking for suggestions on pancake recipes for a magazine feature. "Just very quickly since I don't have my files here," Johnny wrote. "1. American pancakes — Overrated, as you say. You might try the Bongo Room, in Wicker Park, north of Chicago. 2. Don't forget Breton buckwheat crepes. 3. From South Asia (states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu in India): they make great dosas."

We'll be keeping an eye out in the near future for the pancake article, but we're curious as to who would bother a dying man for his favorite flapjack joints? Amanda Hesser, we're looking at you.

Sharing in the Feast With Johnny Apple [NYT]


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