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Record companies, TV networks and studios still can't decide if they should view YouTube as a copyright-infringing agent of evil or as an ally that could potentially make them boatloads of money. In the meantime, Google has its army of lawyers ready to fight claims against its shiniest new toy. [Variety]
Roger Daltrey will guest star on an episode of CSI, hoping to live up to the proud stunt-casting tradition of the series established by Kevin Federline's bravura, largely improvised performance. [THR]
Nip/Tuck's Ryan Murphy will adapt and direct the memoir Eat, Pray, Love, about a dissatisfied woman who chucked away her comfortable life to "set off on a journey of self-discovery around the world," as a vehicle for Julia Roberts. Later today, Brad Pitt will read this news, remark, "I'd love for us to do something with Julia one day. Can we make that happen?" then be gently reminded by a Plan B staffer that he's producing the film. [Variety]
The public once again proves that its appetite for watching washed-up celebrities get yanked around by professional dancers is still voracious, as Dancing With the Stars pulls in about 22 million viewers at its Tuesday night peak. [THR]
Leslee Dart's PR firm passes up a second chance to take our helpful suggestion to call their flack collective The Fuck Pat Kingsley Group, instead opting to rename itself 42West, a blander, tragically diplomatic choice. We don't know how many more opportunities Dart can squander before another disgruntled Kingsley staffer comes along and snaps up the name for her own venture. [Variety]