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We've been straining to find an angle into this whole Cory Lidle plane crash madness, which has provided a smorgasbord of material for our East Coast-ian sister site Gawker and sports-obsessed cousin Deadspin, though offered little by way of the "But how does this affect people making their sitcom-starring debuts tonight?" approach to human tragedy we usually can count on. So while it may take a few days before we get new mom Maggie Gyllenhaal's thoughts on baby safety in a post Lidle-crash America, we'll have to settle for this Reuters photograph of star of stage and screens-of-varying-size Alec Baldwin, plying his twinkly-eyed charms on an NYPD officer in an attempt to maneuver his way past a cordon to get to what we can only assume was the alluring waft of freshly reheated knishes beckoning to him from across the street.